Vegetarianism in Norway: trending or tiresome?

An insight into vegetarian culture in Norway, from the perspective of UiB's vegetarians.

FRIENDS: Social events like ESN Bergen's Language Cafe are a great way to meet both international and Norwegian students. PHOTO: MARIA HOLTAN NYKÅS.

Are Norwegians really as cold as the climate?

Is making friends with Norwegian students really as hard as it seems? Visiting exchange students say itai??i??s difficult, but not impossible.

Abiyot Dagne Belay (right) did not expect his room mate Philipp Dahlinger when he arrived at Fantoft TRE. Now they have become good friends, however. Still, Belay would have appreciated a heads up that he would be sharing a room during his exchange.

ai??i?? Sammen never told me that I was going to sleep in a bunk bed

When exchange student Abiyot Dagne Belay arrived at Fantoft, he had no idea that he was going to be sleeping in the same room as a stranger for a semester.

RAIN OR SHINE. Now that you've arrived in Bergen, it's time to start exploring! PHOTO:

Eight Things you need to do during your Bergen Exchange

A Bergen Bucket List: Seven obvious things that you have to do in Bergenai??i?? and one you might not have thought of!


The Number One Tip for Your Exchange

There are more things to life than curriculum. Especially when you are on exchange.

SOCIAL MEDIA. Next to the good old phone call, Vilma's favourite communication tools are WhatsApp, facetime, snapchat and skype. PHOTO: Marie-Luise Deike

Long Distance Love when on Exchange

Is having a partner waiting for you back home when you are on exchange a good or a bad thing? Different students have different opinions.


Hidden Bergen Gems for a Sunny Day

Make the most of a sunny spell.


Internationals versus Norwegian beaches

A group of internationals share their experiences from a tricky night spent under the stars.

COLORFUL. The diverse nature along Sognefjord offers views of vivid white snow, bright green grass and deep blue water. PHOTO: Marie-Luise Deike

Sognefjord in a nutshell: All about the view

Exploring the world-famous Sognefjord turned out to be a pricy, although beautiful, adventure.

NORWEGIAN STYLE. There is nothing more Norwegian than hiking and it is indeed the best opportunity to explore the nature around Bergen. PHOTO: Marie-Luise Deike

Internationals over Vidden

Hiking 13 kilometers up and down, while jumping over mud puddles, does take some time and energy.


Restrained welcome for new Fantoft building

Fancy spending your semester sleeping in a bunk bed with a complete stranger? Many internationals will do so when the new Fantoft building opens.


How to find the northern lights

The chase almost every international student is on.


Big integrators or only for Norwegians?

Internationals flock to one type of student organizations